Recommended C/C++ Programming Language Books

Head First C: A Brain Friendly Guide by David Griffiths, Dawn Griffiths

Head First C is for anyone new to C, and primarily for college students who are building their first C projects as the book not only teaches C concepts, but, also shows how to program Arduino. There are lot of practical examples present in this book.
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C How To Program by Deitel Paul, Deitel Harvey

C How To Program is a very comprehensive book spanning more than 1000 pages. It has very clear explanations, good presentation of the subject and is very easy to understand. It explains everything bit by bit, and also includes a CD containing Visual Studio 2008. So, no need to buy the software additionally. This book is RECOMMENDED for beginners.

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The C Programming Language by Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie

The C Programming Language by Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie is good book to keep in the library. This book covers most of C in detail, and does an excellent job teaching c programming language. If you are serious about programming and looking for something to keep for reference, then this book is must buy.

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C++ The Complete Reference 4th Edition by Herbert Schildt

C++ The Complete Reference is probably the best book to learn C++ and Object Oriented Programming then whether you’re a beginning programmer or a seasoned pro. The book contains details on the entire C++ language, including its keywords, operators, preprocessor directives, and libraries. Everything is presented in the clear, crisp, organized, uncompromising style that has made Herb Schildt the choice of millions.

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Thinking in C++ by Bruce Eckel

Thinking in C++ is good for you if you are a quick learner and have some programming experience (in any language) willing to learn C++. Plenty of information is given in a short description covering almost everything about C++. Buy this book, if you are preparing for interview and want in depth knowledge about C++. The book also comes with a CD consisting of C seminar that covers all the foundations developers need before they can truly take advantage of C++.

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